NAHL Topeka RoadRunners

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Hockey 101

Hockey Basics


Object of the game

To win by scoring more goals than the opposition. Learn more.


Who is on the Ice



His main responsibility is keeping the opposition from scoring. He wears a mask, uses a bigger stick, and wears nearly 40 pounds of equipment to keep from being injured by pucks fired by opponents. Learn more.


Hockey Vocab



Awarded to a player for helping to set up a goal. Usually awarded to the last two players to touch the puck before a teammate scores. Learn more.


Basic Rules



A team is offside when one of its players crosses the opposing team's blue line before the puck does. Learn more.





Tripping is the act of taking down an opposing player by taking his skates out from under him. This can be done with a stick, skate, arm, or other part of the player's body and / or equipment. Learn More.